Oh My Geek! Podcast Episode 010 — We Are Live!

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We have a sponsor!

I have to give Current Comics a shout-out for being our very first patron. They went and paid for our Podbean hosting, and for that we are very, very thankful. I mention in the podcast that it feels weird — that’s not a slight, it’s the realization that someone out there really likes us.

So, once again, thanks Current Comics!

Now, onto our tenth episode which was recorded live on location here in Salinas. And yes, you read that right — we were live!

Our private audience contained three friends (guinea pigs) who sat in for a test podcast to help us gear up for a live show we have planned sometime in the future. Stay tuned, and keep listening.

That said, we have a lot of stuff covered in this podcast. Nick hosts a game show, Jesse and Nick talk about The Pirate Movie, and then we dive into a ton of news headlines.

Our main topic for this week — Zack Snyder brings up an interesting point about Marvel’s Blank-Man movies, and we wonder what’s got him riled up.

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