About Us

The three geeks of Oh My Geek! are:

-Jesse is our resident professional geek who’s worked at Universal Studios, Disneyland, and the National Steinbeck Center. He’s our guide to the inner workings of Hollywood, and he’s known to break out into story mode for our listeners. As keeper of the mixer and soundboard, Jesse’s sort of like our DJ except he won’t fist pump during our recordings. Tweet at him: @POParitaville

-Professional photographer, high school Cinema Arts teacher, and published author, Ji (or Jacob if that makes it easier) likes to consume pop culture. It’s a problem, and he’s been diagnosed as multimedia-obese. You can find his written opinions at HyperGeeky. Find him on Twitter: @clumsy_g.

-The best comic book store guy in the world. #Nick (or hashbrownNick) works at Current Comics as a sherpa for those who enter its doors. On any given day at the shop, he’s helping new customers find a book that suits their tastes or discussing the Oakland Raiders, horror movies, and what’s happening in the news with the regulars. Find him on Twitter: @hashbrownnick or eating hashbrowns while Twittering. And remember, #nickblackdont!