Episode 033 — It Is a Game of Geeks

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Jesse visited Disneyland and checked out the new Star Wars attractions. Remember not to bring your selfie sticks if you plan on visiting the park because they’re banned! (And for good reason.)

And while we’re talking about Disney, how about all of those live-action movies based on their cartoons? The Jungle Book is coming, and the Little Mermaid’s getting cast.

Ghostbusters, anyone? The new trailer’s out, and we chime in with our thoughts.

The newest Captain America: Civil War trailer also dropped, and we go giddy with excitement over seeing Spider-Man! Underoos!

We celebrate Buffy the Vampire Slayer — now 19 years old — and we predict what will happen on Game of Thrones. Be warned, we might be right!

Are you an MTV Movie Awards fan? We talk about nominations and who we expect to win.

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