Season 7 Trailer For ‘The Walking Dead’

Season 7 of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' returns this Ocober.

Season 7 of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ returns this October.

It’s day 2 at Comic-Con in San Diego and AMC was ready to try and redeem itself after the much maligned season 6 finale of their hit series The Walking Dead. After leaving viewers with a cliffhanger that upset them (us) more than it made us anticipate the season premiere, AMC needed to assure fans with the premiere of this trailer. Their first step was making sure that after the trailer premiered to a packed room at Comic-Con, that it then became available online to the millions of fans who are unable to attend Geekapalooza.

Did AMC hit the mark? Take a look.

While there is no resolution to who Neegan killed in the finale, we did get a look at returning characters Morgan, Carol, Enid, Jesus and Tara. We also got our first look at King Ezekial from The Kingdom, along with his pet tiger!

King Ezekial from season 7 of ‘The Walking Dead’

The season premiere has a lot riding on it after polarizing a large segment of the shows fan base (us included) with the finale. We’ll all know if it delivers when season 7 premieres on October 23 with the second half of the season premiering in February of 2017.

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